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It comes down to finding something that you love to do then being great at it.  
-- Mark Cuban

We are actively looking to add Idea Movers to our marketing and engineering teams. Read more below to find out whether this could be you.

You will be responsible for telling the world (and company) the story of our product. You will be in charge of attracting app store and site traffic,  and converting that traffic into app downloads. You will be the voice for new feature sets and their benefits. Additionally, you will be charged with crafting the strategy around the messaging and marketing for new feature launches.

You will be responsible for a wide range of technical challenges from ensuring that the product continues to lead in innovative features to user interface functionality.  You will be expected to move at a fast pace with the brightest minds who are all set on making messaging better. Prior experience in Swift, Objective-C, Java, and web technologies a must.  

Every Idea Mover
You're  passionate about startups and technology. You envision being responsible for the products that shape the future.
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Agnes, Pedro, Robert, Xavi, Santi and David are sitting in a row. Santi and David are in the centre. Agnes and Pedro are at the ends. Robert is sitting to the left of Agnes.

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